Sunday, January 11, 2009


So, I have been trying to get my rep up with all the major city factions in order to get my mount achievement and get the Albino Drake. So far I am up with Darnasus and Stormwind so I have all of the kittys and horses. So, I'm up to 40 mounts. Okay, so Gnome rep is a pain in the @ss! So far I am up to about 15000 into exaulted and I have spent a lot of money on Runecloth. The price is getting ridiculous. The average price on the Deathwing server is about 6 gold. Whenever it goes below 4gold a stack I buy it all up. I'm really close with Exodar as well.

So, how do you get your rep with the factions to get the cross-faction mounts and to get the achievement Ambassador of the Alliance? The best way is to do quests. Low-Level quests give you full reputation. Many quests give you reputation with all the other major factions as well. For example: if you get 250 rep with Ironforge you will get 63 rep with Stormwind, Exodar, Gnom exiles, and darnassus. So, going to every beginning area will help you get all of your rep up quickly!

Well, the first thing to do is go to all the newbie areas (the level 1-6 areas to start with), put your tracker on track low level quests. Go nuts on the quests (you can do them very quickly, just as long as it takes to run from one place to another). You should be polite to anybody who is actually at that level doing the quests. And ignore the remarks that you shouldn't be there and to go back to northrend. Now you're going to feel like a God because all you have to do it look at things and they wither away. What I do is leave my Gorilla on passive because if he kills something without me doing any damage then I don't get the kill and I can't loot the mob. So, Mungula become a non-combat pet for much of this. Now if you don't need to kill anything and just need to run from here to there then I'll leave my Gorilla on Defensive, He'll kill anything that tries to annoy me and I don't have to worry about anything. This is particularly fun on old school instances, but I regress.

I would go through all of the level 1-10, then the 10-20 areas, it takes a little time, but then you get to see all the stuff you've missed (unless you are an altoholic). And you are getting yourself closer to all of the quest achievements.

After that, or at sometime during that go to all of the major cities and do the cloth donation quests, if you are unsure where these quest givers are just go ask a guard where the tailor trainer is. They are next to them. You will get 350 rep for 60 wool, 350 for 60 silk, 350 for 60 mageweave, and the same for 60 runecloth. After that you have a repeatable quest where you get 75 rep for 20 runecloth. So, if you have money up the wazoo or just numerous amounts of runecloth then you can finish up right there. Most of us don't, so questing continues. I do however check the AH often to see if anybody posted runecloth for less than 4 gold a stack, lately the pickins have been slim, so I quest. I guess I could go farm the cloth, but I think its easier to go mining and use that money to buy cloth. I'm enjoying old world questing anyway, I apparently skipped a lot of content while leveling, so I'm seeing stuff I've never seen before.

Anyway before you know it you'll be where I am, buying cloth for gnom rep because its hard to find quests that give you their rep.

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