Monday, November 24, 2008

too poor for epicly uber mounts

Well, I'm kind of stagnant at lvl 72 right now. This weekend was too busy to play (BYU vs UofU football game, family thanksgiving dinner, etc etc). I did buy myself an Armored Bear Mount which doesn't do anything that special and only cost like 700 gold or so. But in my casual pathetic attempt to get every mount in the game I had to do it sooner or later. I don't know if I'll ever be able to get the Mammoth /cry. Too poor, 20k gold, it took me like a month to come up with 5k gold for my epic flying training (that was before the days of 25 dailies per day though). Maybe I should worry more about leveling before I focus so much on trying to get the gold for these mounts.

BTW, is there a flying mount that takes passengers? It seems like a gnome flying machine would be perfect for the job. I guess I should stop being lazy and find out myself.

On a complete different random subject, I've been finding myself wanting to do RPing more and more, but all of my family on friends are on a regular server. Should I just roll a toon on a RP server? I hate having to start from scratch, but then if its all about RPing then maybe it wouldn't be a big deal (because its all about the story anyway, right?). Well, maybe I should stop rambling and get to work since I'm at work.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

hunter pets - What's in your stable?

As a hunter with new stable slots I got all giddy with excitement. What new wild and crazy pets will I get. Well, this is what's in my stable at the moment:

level 70 cat (mountain lion from southshore) ShereKahn
level 71 gorilla Munula
level 70 Devilsaur Kharon
level 69 Rhino (unnamed)
level 67 Slithid Twitch

Now, the gorilla is by far my favorite pet. My wife agrees, she can actually not die from doing AOE spells. That's doesn't mean that the gorilla can always keep the aggro away from my sexy fire mage of a wife, but he does a better job than anything else out there.

I'm holding on to the Devilsaur for raiding, but I'm not liking him too much lately. I think its just because of the fact that we're questing not doing instances right now. I'm iffy on the size, I love how cool it looks, but I hate it when I can't see anything but dinosaur butt.

The Cat is an old friend, but truthfully, its such a boring skin. However, you can't just kick out the family pet can you? He's been with me since level 35 or so. And he's cute. We've had many a good times, so I can't let him go (he wouldn't know what to do without me anyways).

The Rhino is just cool, but I can't see any practicality for him outside of PvP. And since I suck and PvP and my wife hates it, I don't know if he'll see much action. I would love to send him on the bridge in AV and make those hordies fly. he he, for that reason alone, I'll keep him around.

The slithid, well, I wanted a cunning pet and he looks cool (even if he is duped up on too much caffiene). But I don't like playing with him. I'm tempted to get rid of him as well. I'm not that attached to him anyway. I'll just take him back to his home in Tanaris and he'll be fine (I probably shouldn't abandon him in Northrend, the bug will probably end of freezing to death and I can't have that on my conscience).

So, I want to replace the bug, but with what?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why the rush to 80?

This is exactly what I'm talking about:
Why rush through everything? I guess I'm a casual player so that's easy for me to say, because there is no way in h3ll that I could ever actually get to level 80 that quickly.

Speed Leveling

What is the point of speed leveling anyway? I just read this blog post: "ISU vs Wrath vs Twentyfifthnovember" at Arms and Fury blog. The TwentyfifthNovember guild going through the PvE content as fast as humanly (possibly inhumanly) possible seems silly and a waste of time for me. As for me, I may use questhelper, but only so I don't get so frustrated that I quit questing (which consequently is what I do for much of my leveling up to 70 with Aoirselvar). But I've been trying to enjoy the story line this time and actually read the quests. It takes a little time and sometimes the NPC gets annoyed and walks away (which then annoys me, I mean come one I'm trying to listen to the guy), but its so worth it. Of course I'm finding myself wanting to play on a RP realm more and more, but not willing to leave my guild and pay lots of money to transfer.

So, what's the point of speed leveling through all of this new content? If this game starts to feel like a job then its time to go find something else to do, like watch TV or something. I mean come on, why add the stress of getting to level 80 in 4 days (while the rest of your life goes to h3ll). Just relax and enjoy the game.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Super Obama World

Do you like mario brothers? Do you like Obama, then I got the website for you: Super Obama World. lol. Not wow related, but at least its a video game... I guess.

random pictures and random thoughts

So, my wife and I got our pictures with Arthus. He showed us his sword and everything. Yeah, I'm cross tooning on my Death Knight, partly because I thought the male Dreani (spelling check, lol) are kind of ugly and I wanted their racial ability to heal theirselves.

The other picture is my dwarf, Aoirselvar, and his human girlfriend, Kydra. All the other dwarfs are jealous, they can stick with dwarven women and gnomes.

Okay, so my wife and I ran a couple of the first instances last night. Nexus, and the other one in Howling Hjord or whatever (i'm tired and I don't care too much about spelling this morning). I've been so use to rounding up everything with my Mungula (my gorilla) and tanking big mobs that I forgot how boring it was to sit there and just shoot at things. I really would like to get my hands on attempting to tank some instances with my pet, but I don't know if I have enough gear or enough people to take me serious. It really can be done. Check out this website for hunter tanks:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Okay, we've all been busy playing and leveling non stop for the last few days. I'm a little bit slower than everybody. I only play after I've put my kids to bed. My wife, Kydra, is a fire mage that I level with. We're having a blast questing in the Borean Tundra. I'm letting my gorilla, Mungulu, AOE tank tons of mobs while Kydra obliterates them with her AOE spells. But we usually have to call it quits. But we haven't been very good at going to bed at a decent hour. So now we're tired all the time (seeing how our kids don't let us sleep in past 7:30am. Oh what to do...

Anyways, here are a couple of pics of me pretending to have new mounts. I love having lots of mounts, but I don't do a good job of getting them (lack of time & money). Some day I'll get that white drake. Someday...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A little exploration and ... dum dum dum dum, The Expansion! yay!

Well, I ended up going over to gamestop and waiting in line to get my preordered copy at midnight last night. I was debating of going or not (not last post) because I would go by myself. How fun is that? My wife and I can't very well go at the same time and leave the kids at home. So, we finally got the rascals to bed and we jump on, started exploring (I know there are a hundred other things to do, but got to get one more step to the world explorer title). 11:50 comes around and I jump in the car to take off while my hunter is following the cute human mage around exploring the last bit of the Eastern Kingdoms.

I stayed in line till about 1am. Nice to talk to people, we all had something in common, nerdom, yup thats right. Wife called me up to try to figure out where some last area was to explore and she got her achievement for eastern kingdoms. Yay! Too bad the guild was asleep. So, the first thing I did was roll a Death Kuh'ni'gut. These guys were cooler than I previously gave them credit for. Okay, first guy you talk to for a quest is .... the Lich King himself??? how cool is that? Maybe my death knight will be more than just a farmer for me. Anyway, I went to bed right after that.

And now I'm freakin' TIRED!!!! I guess its good that I didn't stay up and play or I wouldn't be able to function at work.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dear shoppers, would the owner of a ....

I saw this picture on and just thought it was so freakin funny. A little pre WotLK action going on here. And don't you hate it when  you leave your lights on?

midnight party

So, WotLK comes out TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! But I don't know if I should bother going to pick up my two reserved copies or not, seeing how I'm not going to be playing it tonight. I mean I kind of have to stay awake at work right? When I start falling asleep at work I have my students saying, "Hmmm, Teacher.... teacher?" Yeah, I think elementary kids forget that adults get tired too. Especially since the only time us adults have any time to ourselves is when our cute kids are in bed. So.... should I go pick up myself my copies tonight? Even though I won't be able to play until late Thursday night? Probably, if not just to say I was there at midnight, lol.

So, my hunter is hankering to go back to the good old leather working (which I dropped like 3rd period french back at lvl 60). But I'm hearing too many good things about leatherworking for hunters. Right now I have engineering and mining. I can't drop engineering. There are too many cool things that I can live without. But mining is my money maker (and I need all the ore to make my Mechano-hog). So, what to do... what to do... well, my highest alt is level like 32, man pathetic, can't switch my shaman to be a miner/skinner. Hmm, then it came to me! You can roll your self a death knight! I wasn't going to really, but h3ll, why not? I can skip 55 levels? I wasn't really interested in one before, but then I came make him have skinning/mining so I can have only crafting profs for my hunter. Okay, its a done deal. Shoot, I still have to level him from 55 to 80 now. Well, that's still going to take sometime.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Studpid servers down

I guess if the servers are going to have to be down I'd rather it be before WotLK than after the release.

Thursday is coming up and I want to jump right into it, but Lindy has a church thing that night and I think there's something else is probably up. So, I may very well be the last to actually hit level 80, but at least I'll have fun getting there.

First Post

Okay, so I am making a World of Warcraft blog like everybody else and their cat. Yes, their cat. Why am I making this blog when there is way too many out there as it is? Well, I have no body to talk to about my geeky stuff. Even my family and friends who also play world of warcraft don't care about my geeky hunter related stuff that I ramble on about. So, this is a place for me to ramble about my geekiness to the world. Regardless if I get any followers.


I am a casual WoW player, I have a life outside of wow. I have children and a career that I must attend to. I have had to come to the conclusion that I will never be on the cutting edge of raids or will I ever get all the cool stuff, be on the top for arena or be the first to hit 80. If I did my wife would probably file for divorce, and my kids would never see me. So, I get to play some of the time (mostly when the kids are a sleep). So, I'll probably go off on casual gaming issues, time management, balancing life, etc. But mostly I want to share what I'm doing in the game, and geeky beast mastery hunter stuff. Is anybody actually going to read this? I have no idea, but what the h3ll, why not. So here is my first blog entry on my geeky wow casual gamer blog.