Monday, November 24, 2008

too poor for epicly uber mounts

Well, I'm kind of stagnant at lvl 72 right now. This weekend was too busy to play (BYU vs UofU football game, family thanksgiving dinner, etc etc). I did buy myself an Armored Bear Mount which doesn't do anything that special and only cost like 700 gold or so. But in my casual pathetic attempt to get every mount in the game I had to do it sooner or later. I don't know if I'll ever be able to get the Mammoth /cry. Too poor, 20k gold, it took me like a month to come up with 5k gold for my epic flying training (that was before the days of 25 dailies per day though). Maybe I should worry more about leveling before I focus so much on trying to get the gold for these mounts.

BTW, is there a flying mount that takes passengers? It seems like a gnome flying machine would be perfect for the job. I guess I should stop being lazy and find out myself.

On a complete different random subject, I've been finding myself wanting to do RPing more and more, but all of my family on friends are on a regular server. Should I just roll a toon on a RP server? I hate having to start from scratch, but then if its all about RPing then maybe it wouldn't be a big deal (because its all about the story anyway, right?). Well, maybe I should stop rambling and get to work since I'm at work.


Ryan said...

Hey did you get the Blizzard Polar Bear?

Ryan said...

Oh and yes you should start on another toon on a different server. Become a crosstooning altaholic like me!!! Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa!!!!!

Bob said...

Its one thing to crosstoon on a regular server, but on a Role Playing server? I don't know how a girl things let alone an elven or dreauni girl. I don't think I could cross roon on a RP server. I would be toon confused.

And yes, I got my Polar bear.

applebiscuit said...

don't play on role playing servers. Those are gay, and I thought u like girls LOL

Jk if that offends u :)