Wednesday, November 12, 2008

midnight party

So, WotLK comes out TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! But I don't know if I should bother going to pick up my two reserved copies or not, seeing how I'm not going to be playing it tonight. I mean I kind of have to stay awake at work right? When I start falling asleep at work I have my students saying, "Hmmm, Teacher.... teacher?" Yeah, I think elementary kids forget that adults get tired too. Especially since the only time us adults have any time to ourselves is when our cute kids are in bed. So.... should I go pick up myself my copies tonight? Even though I won't be able to play until late Thursday night? Probably, if not just to say I was there at midnight, lol.

So, my hunter is hankering to go back to the good old leather working (which I dropped like 3rd period french back at lvl 60). But I'm hearing too many good things about leatherworking for hunters. Right now I have engineering and mining. I can't drop engineering. There are too many cool things that I can live without. But mining is my money maker (and I need all the ore to make my Mechano-hog). So, what to do... what to do... well, my highest alt is level like 32, man pathetic, can't switch my shaman to be a miner/skinner. Hmm, then it came to me! You can roll your self a death knight! I wasn't going to really, but h3ll, why not? I can skip 55 levels? I wasn't really interested in one before, but then I came make him have skinning/mining so I can have only crafting profs for my hunter. Okay, its a done deal. Shoot, I still have to level him from 55 to 80 now. Well, that's still going to take sometime.


Pike said...

I'm pretty sure I won't be there at midnight either, it's tempting, but it'll be easier to just swing by tomorrow morning since I got work off =P

Bob said...

I don't know, part of it is being with the WoW community and being able to say that you were there. But then again, sleep is a good thing. And I have to pay a stupid ticket after work. I didn't know it was againt the law to park facing the opposite direction. Its not that big of a deal on my street. Stupid cops.