Thursday, November 20, 2008

hunter pets - What's in your stable?

As a hunter with new stable slots I got all giddy with excitement. What new wild and crazy pets will I get. Well, this is what's in my stable at the moment:

level 70 cat (mountain lion from southshore) ShereKahn
level 71 gorilla Munula
level 70 Devilsaur Kharon
level 69 Rhino (unnamed)
level 67 Slithid Twitch

Now, the gorilla is by far my favorite pet. My wife agrees, she can actually not die from doing AOE spells. That's doesn't mean that the gorilla can always keep the aggro away from my sexy fire mage of a wife, but he does a better job than anything else out there.

I'm holding on to the Devilsaur for raiding, but I'm not liking him too much lately. I think its just because of the fact that we're questing not doing instances right now. I'm iffy on the size, I love how cool it looks, but I hate it when I can't see anything but dinosaur butt.

The Cat is an old friend, but truthfully, its such a boring skin. However, you can't just kick out the family pet can you? He's been with me since level 35 or so. And he's cute. We've had many a good times, so I can't let him go (he wouldn't know what to do without me anyways).

The Rhino is just cool, but I can't see any practicality for him outside of PvP. And since I suck and PvP and my wife hates it, I don't know if he'll see much action. I would love to send him on the bridge in AV and make those hordies fly. he he, for that reason alone, I'll keep him around.

The slithid, well, I wanted a cunning pet and he looks cool (even if he is duped up on too much caffiene). But I don't like playing with him. I'm tempted to get rid of him as well. I'm not that attached to him anyway. I'll just take him back to his home in Tanaris and he'll be fine (I probably shouldn't abandon him in Northrend, the bug will probably end of freezing to death and I can't have that on my conscience).

So, I want to replace the bug, but with what?

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