Thursday, November 13, 2008

A little exploration and ... dum dum dum dum, The Expansion! yay!

Well, I ended up going over to gamestop and waiting in line to get my preordered copy at midnight last night. I was debating of going or not (not last post) because I would go by myself. How fun is that? My wife and I can't very well go at the same time and leave the kids at home. So, we finally got the rascals to bed and we jump on, started exploring (I know there are a hundred other things to do, but got to get one more step to the world explorer title). 11:50 comes around and I jump in the car to take off while my hunter is following the cute human mage around exploring the last bit of the Eastern Kingdoms.

I stayed in line till about 1am. Nice to talk to people, we all had something in common, nerdom, yup thats right. Wife called me up to try to figure out where some last area was to explore and she got her achievement for eastern kingdoms. Yay! Too bad the guild was asleep. So, the first thing I did was roll a Death Kuh'ni'gut. These guys were cooler than I previously gave them credit for. Okay, first guy you talk to for a quest is .... the Lich King himself??? how cool is that? Maybe my death knight will be more than just a farmer for me. Anyway, I went to bed right after that.

And now I'm freakin' TIRED!!!! I guess its good that I didn't stay up and play or I wouldn't be able to function at work.


R.E.II™ said...

Hi...this is simply an introductory comment. I think we share an interest and I would like to exchange links in order to return here?

Bob said...

That's fine, I've added your link. I'll have to check it out soon.