Friday, January 30, 2009

Fishing with the DKs

So, here I am fishing with my new DK friend. Why am I fishing when I should be leveling to 80???? Yeah, I'm still level 76, what am I thinking? Good questions, the truth is that its kind of relaxing. After killing things all day long (even though I make Mungula do most of the work), it feels good to sit back in Stormwind and catch fish that you plan on throwing back (because they stock the canals here with trash fish apparently). I thought it was fun to fish on top of the water thanks to my random DK friend.


Another reason (the real reason) I do random things like fishing, looking for mounts, searching for vanity pets, and other random non-leveling things, is because I'm only leveling with Kydra (played by my wife). I think we're making great progress considering we have 3 kids under the age of 4. Yeah, we don't get on very much. We started leveling the day the expansion came out so, thats not our excuse, we point the blam at our kids, bless their hearts, lol.

It is fun to have a leveling buddy. I got all the way to 70 practically by myself killing boars (well, not just boars), not as fun (back in the days before they decreased the time it takes to level from 20-70 /shakes fist). Back in the day leveling from 50-60 was a nightmare, now it's a joke, but that's another blog post on another day. So now Kydra is at my level we're staying together. I'm just glad that Bliz added so many other things to do in the game.


Anonymous said...

I leveled to 70 on my own (58-70 as holy) because I had rolled my priest before the bf had rolled his pally. And it really did suck - lots of the reason why I only have my priest that I play most. Because the bf refuses to have an alt and playing alone is no fun. I'm really glad that I had a leveling buddy all the way through to 80.

And I agree, being able to stand on the water and fish is WAY better than having to stand on shore and fish. (Makes catching cuttlefish much easier!)

Shawndra said...

Oh, I have one under 3. Yesterday, because I wasn't paying attention to her for a few minutes, she tore apart her room I had just cleaned. So I get the grabbing play time when you can thing :)

As for husband still doesn't get how I can spend an entire session just fishing. It is relaxing!

Ryan said...

I love doing that random non-leveling stuff. Why, just yesterday I got my Kitty mount and ran around all over the place on it. And for some reason all mthe low level hordes kept trying to kill me lol. Killing a horde with only my sword feels good :)

Oh one question for you, where are the non-combat pets in the major cities? I have been able to find them on my horde server but not on Deathwing. :(

Desdarii said...

Everyone one deserves a leveling break to fish or do something silly! Good for you!

Also Keste used to get in the worst trouble if he leveled to much higher than I. Probably a good move waiting on your wife. :)

Bob said...

@ryan Go to the website if you want to know anything about vanity pets:

@Shawndra are children tear apart our house an a daily basis, I feel your pain.

@Desdarii Yup, its worth waiting for my wife cause its more fun to play with with someone you love.

Bob said...

@holy kuddos to you for leveling a priest solo, I haven't been able to get my priest past level 25 or so. I'm just to impatient I guess.