Friday, January 16, 2009

children and wow

So, being a casual player and having little children means that I don't get to play whenever I want. I guess the "casual" part comes from the busy lifestyle we lead. We have 3 children all very young (oldest 3years youngest 8 months) so... yeah, we have our hands full. We really can only play when the kids are asleep. So that's when my wife and I play and I solo a little bit before I go to work. That's about it... Raiding hasn't happened mostly because we haven't hit 80 yet.

What we really like to do is instances with my brother and sister-in-law. They have 4 kids (not quite so young), but their youngest is like 11 months old. In order for them to play when their baby daughter is awake they have to get a baby sitter to play (which means the pay their oldest to watch her). So, they don't get to play very often either and we just can't stay up late when all the kids are asleep because my brother goes to work at 4am. Ouch!

So, last night we were determined to play together, they had a babysitter (their 5th grade son), we hadn't decided on a time (we had to run errands and then get our kids to bed). So, we rushed home, called them up and told them that we would be there shortly, then rushed the kids through their bed time routine (they have to have several songs every night). Finally get them all to bed, jump on the computer, wait for the stupid queue time, etc. Finally, we get on and I whisper my sister-in-law asking for an invite.... nothing.... okay, I pst my brother for an invite... silence....then a reply... "Oh, we thought you were going to take longer, we filled your spot."

This was suppose to be a big deal to coordinate our schedules and everything. We really needed to clean our house and get ready for guests, but we wanted to spend time with them. I was so pissed I replied "k" and then instantly logged, as did my wife. Then I get a call from my friend telling me to take his spot, so I did that. We had a fun time.

Our children have to come first so we just can't play when they are awake. They tend to get on your lap and hit random buttons, consequently you can tell if I'm holding one of my kids, my toon jumps like there is no tomorrow.

Well, that was a little rambled, anyway...

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