Monday, January 19, 2009

Hunter Macros that I use

Well, I have gone from never ever using macros to not being able to play without them. I got to the point where I wouldn't play on any other computer besides the one where my macros are stored, but now macros are stored on the wow server and go with you, which makes playing wow on my friends computers much more enjoyable. Now if only they saved the addons on the wow server… Anyway, I wanted to compile some of my hunter macros in one place so in case they might be useful to someone else and to save them somewhere.


I'm not a macro writer so I won't claim that I wrote any of these. I found them in random places on the web. And they aren't that complicated, I'm sure that if you are a hunter above level 70 then you are probably using better macros (if so please let me know what they are so maybe I could use them).

Aspect of the Cheetah/Pack

This macro saves me a button space. Normally the button will be for Aspect of the Cheetah, but if you hit CTRL or ALT or something it suddenly becomes Aspect of the Pack, tah duh…



/cast [nomodifier]Aspect of the Cheetah; [modifier] Aspect of the Pack


Misdirect Macros

This one is for my Gorilla, when he wants extra agro or when I want the mob to come to us.


/cast [target=pet,exists,nodead] Misdirection

/assist  nameofpet


Now in raids/instances I like to have to MD macros, one for the main tank and one for the off tank. I use this macro and I just change the name of the tank for each one.


/target tank's name

/cast Misdirection

/assist tank's name


I would love to have a simple macro like this to use for the focus target so I don't have to change the name out, if you have one please share.


Start Attack

I had the problem that I was constantly forgetting to put Hunter's Mark on the target, stupid way to lose dps. So this one is a simple way to remember, whenever I have my pet attack something I also put on a Hunter's mark (and I added the charge for kicks and giggles)



/cast Hunter's Mark

/cast Charge


Mend Pet

This is a simple Mend pet macro that won't allow you to use mend pet again till it is already up. This saves on mana and makes you feel less stupid.


/castsequence reset=15 Mend Pet, null


Pet Care

I got this from one of those huntering blogs and I modified it slightly. This macro will rez your pet if its dead, call your pet if dismissed or feed your pet. On the last line you can replace it with "/use (insert your pet's favorite food)", but I'm lazy, so I've made it use what ever I have in my backpack's top right slot so I can feed him whatever the h3ll I want without changing the macro. I love this macro, because it saves so many buttons, but sometimes it makes me eat the food instead. /baffled.


/cast [modifier:alt] [target=pet, dead] Revive Pet; [nopet] Call Pet; [pet, modifier:ctrl] Dismiss Pet; [pet, nocombat] Feed Pet

/use [nocombat] 0 4


Steady Shot (with some other stuff)

Okay, so this is my steady shot spammer. This shot will start Auto Shot (get that in before your steady shot), it will, of course, cast steady shot, and it will also do a few more things. It tries to use my trinkets if they are available and it will attempt to cast Kill Command if that is available. This way I'm using my trinkets and kill command as often as they become available.


#shottooltip Steady Shot

/cast !Auto Shot

/castrandom [target=pettarget, exists] Kill Command

/use (insert 1st trinket name)

/use (insert 2nd trinket name)

/cast Steady Shot

/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();


Love those Horde

And of course I have a macro that tells those hordies that I love them. One of my guildies bothered to figure out horde talk (two accounts and too much time), So this macro will tell those hordies that you love them.


/y O i p Ac ap



Well, if you actually got through all of that and are reading this (I wouldn't, I have no attention span), then please share your macros with me. I would like to get some macros for more of my pets special abilities like Intervene, Roar of Sacrifice, Heart of the Phoenix, Lick your Wounds, etc.


Asara Dragoness said...

For MD I have
/cast Misdirection [target=focus]
then I make the tank I'm MD'ing my focus. I still keep a regular MD button on my bar too though, for those times when say, my MD target has died or I didn't set my focus before the fight started... XD

Bob said...

Okay, I'll have to try that when I actually get back to running instances. I'm a slow leveler.