Monday, January 26, 2009

Kitty Saves the Day

Okay, story time! So, my story takes place back in the BC days when we were just barely starting to run ZA. We were working on the bear boss, it was our first night on trying ZA and we had already wiped on this boss 2 times. We were going to try it again one more time.


Wow, my memory is fuzzy on this one, lets see what I can remember… So, we're finally getting him down and when he has about 15% health left our Main Tank goes down. Oh cr@p! So, this was the way we started our wipes previously, DPS starts going crazy (not that we weren't going crazy previous to this). Then I'm a little unsure what happened at this point, but I think we started losing healers and our Off Tank goes down. /wipe. Yeah, but the bear boss was down to like 6% health left (around there somewhere). We have pretty much only dps left. At this point the bear is going around finishing off the party. You know all of those clothies wearing their pajamas are getting taken down in one hit.


What do us hunters do when everything looks like its going sour? Well, we keep a finger hovering over the feign death button. Yes, like h3ll we are going to spend the extra money on repair if we don't have to. So, I have my kitty, ShereKahn wailing a way on the boss and I'm just getting ready to FD.


Mage down, Lock down, then the bear looks towards me for a meal. 1% health left. I then pretend to die (what a wuss). Who is still trying to help us take out the boss? Why my cat, that's who. The bear boss, content that I'm already dead, then turns on my cat, but … tah duh, my cat had something else for duh bear. My cat hits the final blow and the bear goes down.


We finally got the boss down, and ShereKahn was our hero. Never before was there a more popular pet in the world … of warcraft. There was talk about giving ShereKahn officer status in the guild. People wanted to give him presents and invite him to parties. I was such a proud pet owner.


Of course the day came when I started spending more time with my Gorilla, ShereKahn was spending a lot of time in the stables. He was getting restless. He wasn't meant to be caged. So, finally I took him back to the old world and let him loose. He's now having a good old time in dark shore where he's like 65 levels above everything else, so he's pretty much king. So, if you see a high level mountain lion in dark shore, let him be, for he was our bear killer, and could mess you up.

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Anonymous said...


Well the mighty victories and war stories of the cat can be passed through the lands and he struts his stuff.

I like your memory of the event and in essence, a tribute to your old pet.

I'm sure he'll enjoy the end of his days hunting down that giant teal plainstrider...a hard target to miss.