Saturday, January 24, 2009

Got Fireworks?

Yay! Its time for lunar festival. Now that there are achievements attached to it, we get to stop everything we're doing an get that title. How cool to be Elder Aoirselvar. That would be the second time in my life that I had that title. lol. (The first time took even more work).

So, there is a great article over at WoWhead that guides you through everything. I was ready to stop leveling my hunter and DK and start to work on this when I saw that Elder of the Dungeons requires a minimal level of 80. /cry, seriously, who still isn't level 80??? /meakly raises his hand. I'm all the way to level 76 *woot*, but for reasons previously mentioned, I'm still not level 80. So, I'll just have to catch this next year I guess.

Does anybody know if the achievement "What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been" has to be done in one year? I already botched it up if it does with not finishing my Hallow's End achievement. But by golly I got my Merrymaker title!

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Kreeoni said...

You do not need to finish it in a consecutive year..if you missed something you can get it next year and so forth until it is done.