Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not Much of a Hunter

So, I was talking to one of the other teachers at my school. Their family went to some kind of outdoor hunter convention.

I mentioned to her, oh, I wouldn't know anything about that, I'm not much of a hunter. At that moment the irony of it all hit me. I have never hunted a single day in real life. I don't think I've killed an animals (not even in fishing - I usually throw'em back). I don't consider myself an animal rights activist or anything, just not very violent, I guess. So, why was that the very first class that I picked in World of Warcraft? Why has the hunter class been my favorite class this whole time? That got me thinking...

I suppose it wasn't the killing things so much as actually having a pet that would follow me around. I love animals. I bet a lot of people when they first come to the game choose a hunter for that very reason. Yeah, we're great at killing stuff, but playing a hunter means that you never have to solo anything. Its always a dynamic duo. Always a pair, in cooperation to slaughter the enemy. (oh here we are at killing stuff again, lol).

It's nice having a companion that goes with you everywhere. I always feel guilty when I accidentally let my pet die, like I let him down or something. Hunter's actually care about their pets unlike Warlocks. Maybe its because our pets don't constantly complain. Maybe we are just weird enough to build a relationship with a bunch of pixels on the screen, I don't know.

And noncombat pets, albeit cute, don't have the came camaraderie. You can talk to them I'm sure, but they sure don't help out much when there is a fight. Would that be cool if they did, but then I guess that would mean they could be killed and that would just turn into a mess.


Brigwyn said...

Hey Bob.. I like your style. Just wanted to let you know.

Oh. also added you to the Hunting Lodge Blog Roll. :)

Keep it up!

Bob said...

thanks, I'll have to go check out the Hunting Lodge.