Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3.08, hunter spec decisions

So many changes with patch 3.08, what to do? I like the idea of trap dancing, sounds tricky and since I haven't been weaving shots that sounds like fun. It's nice to finally have a shot rotation instead of steady shot spam. Listening to BRK's recent podcasts with the SV and the MS hunter is really making me wonder if I want to respect. But I really like my exotic pets… I still won't be losing my gorilla while I level at least. Oh, losing my good AoE spell, at least I have a mage girlfriend that can take care of that for me.


What to do? What to do? Should I be true and stay BM? It doesn't sound like the nerf was as bad as we thought it would be, with the new shot rotation and decrease mana for arcane shot we are about even. But SV and MS are sounding kind of fun, shot weaving. Well, idk. I'm kind of partial to my pets. And the thought of one day getting a spirit beast /sigh.


I do love the fact that my wife now can cast slow fall on me, so now we can go paratrooping. Woot!


Anea said...

Being able to cast Levitate on my PocketPally is one thing that I'm happy about too. He doesn't seem to be excited about it, but he just doesn't appreciate the Awesomeness that is Levitate. Happy base jumping!

Bob said...

I need a priest in my pocket for that reason alone. I suppose it would be nice for the heals too.

Baelgun said...

Really cool blog ya have there, keep it going ;D, also like the layout of it.

Bob said...