Thursday, January 22, 2009

In death we shall not part

So, my wife and I love playing WoW together. We go running around, my Gorilla, Mungula, AoE tanks while Kydra uses her AoE to bring things down. We do a pretty good job, but one thing we suck at is …. PvP. Wow, can we get owned so badly. It's not even funny. If I'm prepared for PvP I do a little better, get those hot keys out, blow off the dust and get ready. But when I'm snuck up on I get flustered. I run around like a chicken with its head caught off and start hitting buttons randomly. When I know I'm going to die I kind of just sit there (okay just get it over with). So, we were pleasantly surprised when we actually won half the little skirmishes here (even though in the end we still got owned).


We're really sick of being ganked, especially by those we should have killed ourselves (I won't tell you stories, its embarrassing). I like PvP in a more controlled environment like in Battle Grounds, but I'm not much of a fan of the impromptu PvP that happens so often in these gankfest servers. So, why are we still on a PvP server? Well, until you can convince my guild to move, we're probably going to stay.


Oh, by the way, my wife pointed out to me that I sometimes make reference to my wife, and other times make reference to my girlfriend. lol, didn't realize I was doing that. Okay, in RL my wife is my wife, lol. And in the game, my hunter, Aoirselvar, likes to refer to Kydra as his girlfriend. I'm not sure how Kydra feels about the whole relationship. As far as I know she might be stringing the dwarf along, but its all good, Aoir doesn't mind.

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