Friday, January 23, 2009

Dave's Hunter Guides Coming Soon

I was talking to my friend Dave yesterday. This is my friend who likes to play WoW, but who's a lot more casual than I am. (I admit, I only fit in the casual player category because I lack time to do otherwise). Dave is a truly casual player to the point where he doesn't keep up with the changes of the hunter class. He doesn't follow blogs, doesn't really look at the patch notes, no podcasts, etc. Dave only gets his info through people in the guild like me. Which is fine, but then I think people like me assume that he knows some obvious stuff when he doesn't.

I have let Dave down.

For instance, I would have just assumed that Dave would have known that Aspect of the Viper is only really good when your mana is down. You don't want to keep Aspect of the Viper on all the time. He told me yesterday that 2 weeks ago he realized that Aspect of the Viper was cutting his dps in half. So, for a couple of months Dave thought Viper was great to have on 24/7, he never ran out of mana.

Upon hearing Dave's viper story I thought, I had better do something about this. I had better start writing some posts about how to play a hunter. I had just assumed that if someone came to my blog that they would already have gone to BRK's blog or other's like Aspect of the Hare that have great notes and guides on Huntering. But I know my friend Dave would probably never go to one of these websites.


I'm going to have a new feature entitled, Dave's Huntering Guide. I'm going to touch base on the more obvious hunter issues that are well known or things that all hunters should know about their class. And since I know that Dave doesn't go looking around for hunter blogs, I'll send him an email every time I post about it. Hopefully, someone else will also get something out of it as well.


Anea said...

I'm no hunter, nor do I intend to roll one, but I think that there can never be too many (good) guides on how to play a class. Glad to see you're putting one up to help your buddy!

Bob said...

I just hope Dave doesn't get too offended by my comment "things that should be obvious for hunters". Maybe I won't email him until I start actually posting the guides. lol.