Monday, March 2, 2009

Family of WoWers

So, pretty much my whole family plays this game. It started with my older brother who worked on us. I was in graduate school with dial-up internet at the time. But he let me play while I was at his house. How quickly addicted I was. I started playing on a friends account on my dial-up modem (which wasn't as bad as you might think). Later I upgraded to my neighbors fast speed internet (inevitably someone you live by will have an open wi-fi connection).

My other brothers started playing as well. My older brothers wife started playing because she thought the warlock fire horses were pretty. Later she sat down with my wife and rolled a cute human mage.

Kind of a snowball effect going on here. Now my brother-in-law plays, my brother's kids play (rolled a DK with one of them the other day). I have 3 cousins that play.

So, at family parties we frequently talk about wow. My poor mother usually is clueless and one of my sister-in-laws think we are clueless for playing (or at least very geeky, but she tried to play her self, got lost and frustrated and refuses to try again. Meh.)

So, should I work on my parents? Should we start having family raids instead of family parties? (family raids, lol, sounds like we are going to attack the next door neighbors house - they put an encryption on their Wi-fi - they must go down).

We have interacted more, but we don't always play together. Its really fun when we go do an instance together, but that doesn't happen very often. sad I know

Does your family play? Has your family given into the modern day epidemic called World of Warcraft?


Brajana said...

My brother has played the game on and off, we used to share an account for a while even. It's nice to be able to talk to him about the game, even if he's not playing, since he understands the concept - unlike many people who just think it's a big waste of time :)

Apparently my dad bought World of Warcraft once, but then returned it when he found out it wasn't like his beloved Warcraft II :)

Anonymous said...

I'm the only one in my family that plays Warcraft - however, I play with my boyfriend and his friends, so we have a pretty impressive group each night. It's just too much fun.

I would definitely suggest more in-game family time! Try to schedule at least one night per week where you all meet at X-Spot and do X-Instance or go on some wild adventure.

You could even hold a race. First person to a point wins and just give clues or something...or have an outside party suggest a location and bam, you all race there.


Bob said...

@brajana its funny, family events often become big discussions about wow, my mom is clueless. The main reason I started the blog wasn't because I didn't have people to talk to about WoW, but no one wanted to talk about hunters. I am the only hunter in my family. Oh, and Warcraft 2 was the bomb (in its day).


We should just start holding family reunions in wow doing raids. If you are playing then you don't get to be part of the family.

Gaming Diva said...

You know that sounds like a lot of fun! My family members just think I'm nuts! I think it's great that you have family members that play WOW. if only I could convince some of mine. There sure are a lot in my family. We could have our own 25 man raid. If I could only get everyone on board, bah!

Bob said...

Well, we barely have enough for a five man raid, well, maybe a ten man if everybody got a toon leveled up, but that would have to include cousins. Just found out another cousin plays, but on the wrong server :P.

Gaming Diva said...

Try to get them to roll a Death Knight on your server. You know,
you can make more than one as long as it's on another server. :-)