Friday, March 20, 2009

Random Ramblings

So, I've finally dinged 79 recently. Now I'm in the last stretch to 80 (fans gather in eager anticipation). My brother all ready pretty much has a schedule laid out for us once we hit 80 of heroics gearing up for Nax. I have been pretty much clueless as y'all talk about this raid and that. I honestly haven't done that much research in the matter, partly because I want it to be new (to me at least) and also because... well, because of boredom. Not that raiding is boring, but to read about raiding that you aren't able to do as of yet, yeah that's a little much.

Oh, we did AQ40 last night in a pug. I got 2 new mounts out of it (even if I can only use them for AQ, at least they count towards the achievement). I'm up to 62 mounts now, still need 38 for the Mountain of Mounts achievement. I still have a lot of huntering to do for that.

I've noticed that the google searches that make their way here are mostly about hunters. I haven't written too much on huntering as of late. I should get back to that a little more. I probably will when I'm level 80. I did get one google search that found me by searching for "casual bobs". Well, you found one, although I'm not sure sure what that entails. Maybe it could be a title for some future achievement. Casual Bob Aoirselvar the Brave. Hmm, I'll have to think on that, its kind of catchy.


Gaming Diva said...

Congrats on 79, 80 is right around the corner. I'm burnt out from raiding, more specifically healing so I've been taking a break. The real world has been busy so it really hasn't been hard to take a few steps away from WOW.

Oh by the way, nice picture, it's always great to see the face behind the blogger. :-)

Bob said...

I haven't even had a chance to be burned out and I see everybody else it like, I'm sick of raiding. I understand though, its about time 3.1 comes out.

thanks for the compliment on the pic, I need to put a new one up.