Friday, March 6, 2009

Lost in WoW

I wanted to confirm that the Hatch on Lost is definitely in the Northrend. I read about this on OneAmongMany's blog when Will wrote a guest post there. This revelation answers so many questions in regards to where the stupid island is. No wonder no one can find it, the Lich King has control of it, and its stuck in an MMO on Northrend of all places.

But this also brings up some questions.

Like what time are we at in the game? Apparently the timeline for WotLK is before 2003 or so, but after the Darma Inititive landed on the island. So, Azeroth is somewhere inbetween 1970-1990 or so. You see the hatch hasn't imploded yet. Oceanic 815 hasn't crashed yet (well, maybe they have). But then we still might be able to see our friends Jack, Locke, Hurley, Kate, etc, etc, (if you watched the new episode this week).

Another question, what are our heros from Lost doing in Azeroth?

Now that gets me wondering about what class all of those characters from Lost are going to be (now that we have found out that the island is really Sholavar Basin).

Hmmm, Jack has to be a paladine. He's noble, crys a lot, and hmmm, probably would look good in plate. Oh and Jack should be able to heal, he is a doctor.

Sayid has to be a rogue with all of the assassin work that he does.

Locke, well, duh, Locke is a warlock, mostly just because of his name. I might also be a deathknight given certain events that have taken place this season.

Sawyer is a, I don't know, I want to say he's a warrior. I don't have any good reason for it. Maybe a hunter without a pet, because he's pretty good with a gun.

Faraday is some kind a mathmatical wizard, so he gets to be an Arcane Mage (what does arcane have to do with math, I don't know, go ask a mage).

Kate is a druid, a kitty druid. Doesn't she already seem like a cat? Cats like to run, Kate likes to run, right? And if you take the "e" off of her name than is spells Kat. So there you have it.

Well, what else would Juliet be? Of course she's a holy priest, because she's our healer who can't seem to get off that stupid island.

Okay, Miles will be our Deathknight, not because he's particularly scarey, but because he talks to dead people. I guess if we had a Necromancer class he would have been that.

Desmond is our awesome sorcerer or something, master of something or other. I'm going to say he's a fire mage, because hmm... he had a fire in his heart to get back with Penny. Okay, that was a stretch.

Jin has turn out to be one of my favorite characters. He has his fishing skills all the way up. What class is Jin? I'm going to say that he's our Shaman. Mostly because I see him doing Melee combat and hmmm... he...uh... well, I need one of them to be a shaman, right?

Oh, evil and coniving Ben. I wouldn't put it past him to be working right along side with Arthus himself. Ben I'd say is a warlock. He's evil, but often makes others do his work for him.

I've decided that Hurley is a hunter. Why? Well, no good reason other than that Hunters are awesome and Hurley is awesome. Dude.

Well, there are several characters that I'm missing, but I best get back to work. I obviously got a little too carried way with this post. Maybe not.


Anonymous said...

This was a fun post :)

I haven't kept up with Lost at all (I've only seen the entirety of season one, plus whatever happens to be on TV) so I don't recognize some of those people, but the ones that I do know, I agree with.

Except for Locke. Only because I know him as season 1 Locke, and he seems more hunterish. But I trust your judgement ;)

Bob said...

Hmm, I think you are right, I was just playing on his name, but he does seem more like a SV hunter.

Klinderas said...

We got Hurley! We got Hurley! HA HA!

We win!


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