Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Almost 80

So, this whole time I've been writing this blog I've had to admit that I'm not at level 80 just yet (and I'm still not, but I'm closer now than ever before. Now I'm only 1 1/2 bubbles away after running last night with my wife Kydra, my brother Kygongyn, Stromboli, and my cousin Delu. Wow, I have a lot of family play this game with me.

You see how close I got to hitting 80 last night???!!!

I did get this drop in the Halls of Lightning, Avool's Sword of Jin BoE, market value of 2162 gold. I've still been using this Legacy that drops from the crone back in Kara. Its probably about time I start getting some new gear. Heck I'm still wearing 5 level 70 epics. And they weren't amazing epics, mostly again just stuff from Kara. My brother has been primping over me and my wife's toons like a BFF Jill over a teen age girl at the mall in need of a serious make over. Ha! Could you see Aoirselvar in Gap clothes, probably not.

So, after this my brother has a regiment of heroics that we get to do to get geared up for Naxx. I still think my wife and I will probably quest when we play together, we've enjoyed doing that the most. However, even though Kydra hates PvP, she really enjoyed AV (where she wreaked havoc with her mage of death), so maybe we'll do some BGs as well.

So, does anybody know of a mod that will take a screen shot for you when you level?

Oh I thought this was funny. She makes my helicopter look like a slightly oversized remote controled toy.


Kate said...

This addon is supposed to take a screenshot when you level, I've never used it though.

Good luck/gratz!

Chawa said...

At first glance I thought the blue lady was playing a drum set! :)

Bob said...

@kate thanks, I'll get that on right away, don't want to miss the possible screen shot.

@chawa, that's so awesome, you are right!

Anonymous said...

So close!

I will say though, that I used to use LevelSnap... it worked well in BC. However, I noticed that it wasn't taking the level screenshots that it ought to in Northrend and I forgot about it and I missed the screenshot of Lus and I leveling at the same time :< I was FURIOUS!

Now I use an addon called MultiShot - it not only takes screenshots of your dings, but achievements and bosskills as well. It's a little overkill, but it ALWAYS works. I can just delete unnecessary screenshots later, so it doesn't bother me too much.

Looking forward to the 80-ding screenshot!

Bob said...

thanks I will pop that mod on when I get to play wow next and hopefully soon here I will have a beautiful level 80 screen shot of myself and kydra (I'm ahead of Kydra by like 3 bubbles).

Brigwyn said...

Gratz!! Actually, I've never really used an add-on for screen shots. But I guess it's possible.

If not, I'm sure there's a macro that could do it. But then again. it's just 2 keys.

Either way good luck!