Friday, March 27, 2009

Level 80!!!!

Last night Kydra and I finally hit level 80!!!! Here are the screen shots to prove it.

I think we may be some of the last people who actual reached level 80 (even though we were 70 before the WotLK came out).

By the way, thanks to all who suggested mods to take the screen shot, I ended up going with Multishot (suggested by Anea). This is a great little mod that takes a screen shot when ever you hit a new level, down a boss, or get a new achievement. I would suggest that if you know you are about to down a boss that you try to position your screen so you can actually see the boss downed or at least angle it to show your better side. Here's a shot it took when we finished Culling the Strat:

So, now what to do, what to do? I thought I would get back with my obsession with mounts and get my hippogryph by getting my Cenarian Expedition Rep up. I need to also get my Chopper which means I need to get off my arss and get my engineering finally leveled. Oh yes, and the many heroics that need to be done. Oh and I could work on my DK who is currently level 71. So much to do now, so little time.

Any other suggests as to what I should do now? Go to disneyland or something? Any suggestions for a new dps pet?


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mikemetcalf said...

Grats Bob! I'll be right behind ya. I too was 70 for quite awhile pre-WOTLK (about a year). Had @lukelarsen and my little brother start playing around the time of the expansion's release, so I took some time off from my main and leveled some alts, and did some twinking.

So what next you ask? What about pvp?? Pvp has always been my first love in the game. You could also work on saving up marks to buy some BOA stuff from wintergrasp, and work on rep with some of the WOTLK factions like the ebon hold.

Gaming Diva said...

Hey congrats,
I've been checked yesterday to see whether you had dinged 80. I ran a lot of heroics when I hit 80, upgraded my gear and now I'm thinking of about pvp. It's my first love. Also, I've started leveling other toons too.

Kate said...

Grats! Looks like the screenshots turned out great, I'm glad someone had a better suggestion than I did (woulda felt bad if you'd gone with an addon that doesn't work). :)

The Hippogryph is totally worth the rep grind, though if you've already started doing quests it could be a bit trickier wince plant parts can only be turned in up to a certain point...I think the DEHTA quests and Nesingwary ears give CE rep too though.

The first thing I did when I hit 80 was get my Nesingwary 4000 made, especially since you're a dwarf you might want to look into that.

As for pets, cats are good for everyone though I've heard raptors or wasps can be better. Myself, I use one of the demon wolves from Zul'Drak.

Bob said...

Thanks everybody. There is just so much to do now.

@Kate, thanks for reminding me, I need to make that gun right away.

Anonymous said...

Big grats to you both!

I'd say go get the mount! Just 'cause I really want one myself, but I know I'll never get the rep for it :)

Ryan said...

LOL!! When the web page was loading I was totally thinking "I bet Bob's new post is going to say Level 80!" and I was right!!! :)

Bob said...

do you want me to get you one as well?

you are a mind reader, I knew it.

Pixielated said...

I just discovered your blog after seeing a link on Blog Azeroth. This is a bit late, but congrats on 80!!! My hunter is 72 and I just got my very own cat. I love gorilladins but I wanted to be able to bring a DPS pet if I ran an instance. My cat is actually a LOT of fun to play with. I love that my gorilla can tank several mobs, but the damage my cat puts out is pretty fun to see. Granted they are not the "TOP" DPS pet, but I like something that I can connect with and raptors or birds just don't cut it, you know? =)

Bob said...

@pixielated I know I should have been leveling a dps pet as well, but whenever I pulled one out my wife's mage would start to pull aggro with her AoE spells, so we stuck with the gorilladine, but now I need to level my kitty. I like cats.