Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Patty's day - DK RP

Happy St Patty’s day to y’all. I work at an elementary school so wearing green today was essential to my survival. (aghhhh, death by pinches….).

My Death Knight finally hit level 70 and after getting her mining all the way up she is now in Northrend. I decided to do something a little different. I’m actually attempting to play her slightly RP style. I don’t think I could ever completely play a crosstoon RP, because I’m not going to even pretend to know what’s going on in the female brain, let alone pretend to be one. However, I’m actually reading quests and interacting with NPCs. Northrend is perfect for this especially since the NPCs specifically talk to you a lot more now (remember who people in Dallaran say hello to you when you enter their shops?) Okay, the interacting with computer people seems a little silly to me, but the whole thing adds a new dimension to game play that I’m enjoying, trying to see through the eyes of my character.

Really why do we play the game? What do we get out of it? I for one love the social aspect of the game, even though I play solo quite a bit, but I usually keep twitter on and I chat with some of the other early birds in my guild. We play to try to get our next piece of cool gear? I know a lot of people who are all about getting uber gear (my little brother for one). Spending all of your time getting the best gear possible can be fun, but eventually it can get boring. I know so many people who were burned out on raiding before WotLK (and some who are as of now).

We play for the overall experience of the game, right? I say this, but that doesn’t explain why we farm. Farming can’t be that much fun. But we are trying to improve our toons, or collect cool stuff. It’s nice to be able to make a lot of gold in the economy (even if making gold IRL isn’t as easy… or fun). I say this but I’m pretty poor in Azeroth and IRL.

But I regress to random tangents as always. So, I’m trying out the RP thing (even though my main characters aren’t on an RP server). And so far it has increased the game play experience quite a bit. It adds a new element to the game that has made it exciting for me again. I’ll have to come up with some story about people doing crazy stuff, I best avoid capital cities I suppose.

So, maybe I’ll have to actually visit those level 1 characters that I rolled on RP servers and give them a shot. I just have a hard time spending time on other servers and redoing the whole leveling process. At least it’s a lot quicker than when I leveled my hunter /sigh. Yes, I know I could roll a Death Knight, but I really would like to try RPing a hunter. I guess that’s just something to look forward to.


Shawndra said...

Do you have a bruise developing on your upper arm, too?


Even though they really aren't supposed to, they weren't being mean about it. It is, after all, totally my fault for having worn all black!


Bob said...

No, luckily I actually wore green today, I was pinch free the whole time.

Gamng Diva said...

I hope you had a fabulous St. Patricks day!

Role playing is a lot of fun, I'm not on a RP server but I have stories for all my toons. :-)

Congrats on getting your Death Knight to level 70!