Monday, March 23, 2009

WoW Burnout

I've been hearing about a lot of people getting burned out in the game lately. I believe I'm immune to burn out because of the fact that I am so unbelievably behind y'all, but I thought it would be interesting to find out more about at any rate.

I always have something I could do with the amount of time I put into the game. At that I still stop playing for periods of time here and there. Sometimes you just want something different. Does that mean you go to another MMO or play console games, or just pull out a book.

Well, I wanted to find out what people do when they get burned out so I threw the question out in twitter.

Stompalina: I tend to read a lot more than usual, play console games, bake obsessively... the usual stuff. lol

Areant: My solution was to explore a new side of WoW by rolling a new character on an RP server. Tried a new class too. Worked for me! Switching from Hardcore raider/GM to Casual RPer and regular member makes a different game. Nice break w/out actually quitting.

Chaoticwhizz: I stop for a month or two then come back. I tend to play more faster-pace games during that time

ghostangel: I play other things mostly. Or if it is nice out, I'm outside. But I'm one of those people that can disappear. I just will randomly leave WoW and not play for sometimes months at a time without warning is all ^^; Because I effectively have a permanent account with WoW, not unless it's free :)

Arrens: Take a break from the game. Even if it's only a few days, a week or a few months. Or give a completely different class a try.

ladygypsy: When I get burned out on WoW, I walk away from the game for 2 weekends. That's usually enough for me to get recharged. #wow

Spoonwolf: when wow burns me out I play L4D or Starcraft

Would you or have you considered trying out another MMO? Which ones?

etherjammer: I've been thinking about trying EVE Online or reactivating my City of Heroes sub.

Arrens: WoW is my first and only MMO thus far. Other games I play when I'm tired of WoW are Guitar Hero/Rock Band & Grand Theft Auto. Never tried any and I'm really not a fan of paying a subscription fee unless I like it, obviously ;)

Stompalina: Right now I am probably not interested in trying out another MMO. We are broke nowadays... Lot of console games gathering dust.

SlowWolf: Actually, if I burned out with wow, I'd play DotA. =P Or lots of smash bros.

Rilgon: Only MMO I can tolerate other than WoW is Ragnarok Online.

Areant: It would have to be one my friends played.The social aspect is what keeps me playing, which is why I can't ever see quitting WoW

stoppableforce: I'd probably go back to FFXI, or CoH, or Eve.

Nightravyn: now that I'm awake and responding... yeah, I tend to go console. Not as much of a time sink. ;)

Spoonwolf: yes I would try other MMOs (eve, WAR, etc) but honestly after researching, their Ui is horrible and the gameplay is garbage

Faulsey: Last time I played an MMO when I was bored of another MMO, I quit the first for the second... Do not want to do that again...

Narayu: I used to play FFXI, I've considered going back at times, I like that you can level all classes on one character

Jezriyah: I didn't answer, but: most of my love for WoW is based in my guildies and friends. Without them, other MMOs don't interest me.

isheepthings: Only MMO that's caught my eye would be "The old republic"...other then that various PC games...not much on console for me atm.

Fimlys: not burned out, but downloading runes of magic right now.. taking 3 days to download.. just to try.. :P

Kikipewpew: As a break from WoW I have played other MMO's, like recently Runes of Magic :3 but not for very long, previously when I had the 360 set up I would play that as a break from the computer in general!

I would have thought other MMOs would have been more popular, but a lot of you seem to rather take time off of WoW by playing console games. That makes sense because its a completely different feel. You probably need a break from the MMOs in general (which WoW is included) or at least get away from the fantasy MMOs and try something different. Maybe Blizz is hoping that when you take a break from WoW, you'll play one of their other games (if they ever get around to finishing them), like Starcraft 2 or Diablo 3. Bliz better come out with some kind of Warcraft Rock Band, that would help, hmm, maybe some kind of minigame with in the game.

What do you do when you are getting burned out of playing WoW? I'll have to come up with a list of things to do when you're sick of wow. Maybe we can get @stompalina to bake us something. Hmm....


mikemetcalf said...

I've played EQ and EQ2, so I might hit up EQ2 again if I stopped playing WoW. Actually, I have a lots of friends that play Warhammer, so I would probably give that a try before reverting to Everquest. As far as breaks go, I like to take a weekend off every now and again. Those weekends are usually computer-free weekends in general. Halo 3 is my other love, and a nice break from questing when you just want to get in and kill something.

Bob said...

I haven't tried any other MMOs, but now that I've gotten hooked I probably will sometime in the future, but I'll have to be pretty much done with WoW, so I'll hold out until bliz comes out with their next MMO. As for now, I'm eagerly awaiting my birthday where I hope to get Rock Band 2. That will definitely take up some of my WoW time.

Clifdog said...

This was my first MMO, and I have experienced periods of time where I don't play as much or feel the desire to sit there and do "nothing". I personally don't get off on spamming trade. I prefer the feeling that I am doing something, accomplishmet. Hmmm. maybe that's why Bliz put in the achievements.