Friday, February 20, 2009

I've been tagged - 6th Screenshot

So, I got tagged by @Brigwyn who writes a lovely blog entitled The Hunting Lodge. I have to put a screen shot here, but not just any screen shot. No, it has to be much more random than that. You have to look through your old screen shots and pull out the 6th screen shots.

Now I've gone through a few computers, well, not a bunch. But when looking through this computer this is what I found as the 6th screen shot:

Here we are showing off our Vampire Batlings that we got in during Halloween. I think the shaman is my cousin, I'm not sure what we were doing with him. This was just a little bit before WotLK came out (obviously) and we were working on leveling Kydra as quickly as we could. We finally got to the point where our mains were the same level, as it should be. Oh, and I had only recently tamed my gorilla, Mungula. So, this was after 3.0.

However, I realized that maybe I should look at my older computer (more authentic, more vintage). So, this was the screen shot on my older computer:

Whoa, this is a random pic, back from August 2007. Still working on leveling my hunter to 70. I was in the middle of Nagrand (can't you tell), and I'm apparently floating in the middle of a ravine. The computer was being stupid, you couldn't see the bridge I was standing on. So, what does any decent WoW player do when something weird happens? We take a screen shot, so there you go.

Oh, who should I tag????... (1 day later) Couldn't make up my mind, but here goes: I'm tagging Kate & Johnathon at Tastes Like Lint and GamingDiva at ... GamingDiva.

Happy hunting.

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