Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Future WoW killing MMO

So, we're recently learned that Jeff Kaplan has given up his lead position with the World of Warcraft team to work on the secret new MMO that Blizzard is making. So, this leaves so much room for speculation. Hmmmm....

Most people think this means World of Starcraft, or the Universe of Starcraft (which I think sounds better) and there are just endless possibilities with this. Yes the Sci-fi MMO has already been done, and many argue, not very well. But when has Blizzard ever done anything haphazardly. I think could make a sci-fi MMO be freaking amazing. They wouldn't develop the game if they couldn't. But someone on twitter told me that they heard from this guy who heard from this other guy who... well you get the picture, that Blizzard's new MMO won't be based on any of their current games. Really? I don't know.

So, if that's the case what does that leave us with? Bliz can't do another fantasy because that would pull away from the WoW crowd unless its a completely different spin.

They could do some kind of vampire MMO? /ponders the notion... Naw, that would be too close to Twilight and all of those silly Edward lovers out there.

Could it be historical? No, that makes me die of boredom just suggesting such as ridiculous notion. Sci-fi still sounds good if you ask me. The mounts would be awesome. ooOOoo we could do some robotech or firefly based MMO. I'll have to ponder that.

But what are they really doing???? Oh, I'm dying to know. They would have to do something completely different than WoW of course. I really haven't tried any of the other MMOs out there, so I don't even know what has already been done. WoW was my first and so far only MMO. And of course we probably won't know for another 5 years or so.

So, what are your speculations about this future secret Blizzard MMO? Do you think it will really be a WoW killer?


Anonymous said...

I personally think the only thing that can destroy World of Warcraft is Bilzzard itself. They will either intentionally create something similar but better, OR they will leave it be as an equally good game to other games they release.

I've played countless other MMO's since finding WoW upon release. I've had my burnout sessions that have led me into City of Villains/Heroes, LotRO, Hero Online, Guild Wars, Dungeon Siege, Neverwinter Nights, etc.

Warhammer was so hyped up...now look at it. Even Conan can be purchased for 10 dollars these days.

The only WoW killer will be it's maker =P


Jeff said...

Blizzard won't kill their own game. If anything, they'll make an "all included" subscription plan like SOE did. That way, even if people want to play their new game, they can still keep their WoW account live for less than the cost of both subscriptions separately.

As for what it is? I wish it was Starcraft but I don't think there's enough lore or class/race diversity to make it work yet.

Bob said...

That would be totally awesome if bliz made it all inclusive (like you only have to pay $10 a month for WoW if you also have UoS (universe of starcraft). I hope that's what they do, I'd totally be stoked.

Anonymous said...

I don't think blizzard would ever "kill" WoW...but I wouldn't put it past them to phase it out someday and replace it with something they deem "better". My main thing is that the only people capable of even doing THAT is blizzard. No other MMO regardless of hype and type has ever taken WoW's spot. I think the game that would possibly replace WoW due to it being slightly better would have to be Blizzard-made.

Anonymous said...

I'm really sad that you said a historical game could be boring. (The history nerd in me is indignant!) I would LOVE it if Blizz came out with a game based on history, but put their Blizz/WoW awesomeness in it. I can just imagine how fun that would be!

However. I guess history isn't everyone's cup of tea. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back when Titanic came out, a bit after there was a computer game. I got that for Christmas, and let me tell you, I played and played and PLAYED that. It was history! It was (fairly) accurate! It was learning! It was fun! But my brother would rather gouge his eyeballs out with his kilt fastener than play something like that.

And I would never read any of his fantasy/sci-fi books or ever play a sci-fi game. So... I guess that the market for history lovers like me is rather small :(

Bob said...

@oneamongmany When blizz was asked if they thought there was a WoW killer out there they said "yes, but we hope to be the one making it".

@holydiscipline I guess a history game would be cool, but then you could have all of these cool spells or dragons, or whatever, I think it would be restrictive to have an MMO that based in reality. But it could be fun. Woot! Oregon Trail MMO, well, maybe that's a bad example.

Anonymous said...

omg if Blizzard re-created Oregon Trail?! ...I would play it for 36 hours straight that first day(s).


Bob said...

Oooo, Oooo, what about lemanade stand, now that would be an awesome MMO. Just think about the cool gear!