Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big Doggy Down

I'm sure everybody else and their dog (wow you let your dog play WoW?) has downed Omen, but we finally did it recently.

For those of you who don't know who Omen is (Ryan, or Dave). Omen a 2 headed dog that's bigger than a monster truck that only appears during the Lunar Festival. Killing this big hairy beasts is required for Elune's Blessing, which is need to complete the meta achievement To Honor One's Elders, which is how you get your "Elder" title and puts you one step closer to finishing the What A Long, Strange Trips It's Been achievement.

We decided to not even try for the Lunar Festival achievement this year because we're only lvl 77 and there is no way we're going to hit 80 before Feb 14. You see, in order for you to get the Elders of the Dungeons achievement you must be level 80, because one of the Elders is chillin' in a heroic dungeon. I was very upset. I could have made my toon look like a missionary.

Well, anyway, my sister-in-law really wanted to get the achievement so we decided to kill Omen anyway, anyway (could I use that word more???). So, we got our group together from our guild and made our way to Moonglade (we tried to get there by initiation, but we weren't smart enough - but we did figure it out after we were completely done, /facepalm). One of our guildies told us to rush over there because someone else already summoned the dog.

So, we rushed over to see the battle already unfolding. For awhile we were fighting the big dog right along side with a bunch of horde. It doesn't matter who taps him, as long as you are around to stand over his dead body once he's... well, dead. We were all trying to kill him. Oh my gosh, he took forever to kill, like 20 minutes or something.

I think we accidentally killed the horde in the process, I kept seeing HK:Scout, HK:Private, etc, popping up on my screen. Maybe I used multi-shot once too many times, maybe my gorilla just didn't like the smell of the Horde. I don't know, but we ended up killing all of them. We could have used their help gunning Omen down.

Our clothies also died a lot, but since the graveyard is like, right there, it wasn't a big deal (which is easy for me to say because I did die, thus didn't have to worry about the repair bill). You see we did those horde a favor, cutting down their repair bill (I'm guessing that they probably didn't see it that way).

Anyway, lots of fun, kicks and giggles. I love the holiday stuff, it breaks up the monotony. Not that the game is boring, but I love world events nonetheless. Oh, I think I got a little too happy with the Print Screen button.

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