Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Holidays & Achievements

So, another Holiday has come and gone. And no new title... /sigh. Couldn't Pity any Fools in Naxx. So, I thought that I'd have to wait 1 year from this point to my Violet Proto Drake, but it turns out that the Brewfest achievements take an entire year on their own because of the Brew of the Year achievement. That's right, for this achievement you have to join the brew of the month club and taste a new brew which comes... once a month. So, if you didn't do it last year then the best you can hope for is to start it this next Brewfest holiday. Which means that most of us won't be completing the "What a Long, Strange Trips Its Been" achievement till Oct 2010!!! Many of us might not even be playing WoW by then (they'll have already launched world of starcraft or something).

I can't get too mad about the achievements. For me, it has added a lot to the game. There is something more to work for other than leveling and new gear. My wife and I have really enjoyed the holiday activities, but were never before properly motivated to participate (as was everybody else). If anything these holiday meta achievements has given us proper motivation to get to level 80 before Children's Week arrives


Desdarii said...

I'm sorry you missed the title. This was a pretty short holiday for 12 achievements not including the randomness of some of the requirements.

Bob said...

We actually had all the achievements except for 2 (the ones you need to go into the dungeons for).