Monday, December 15, 2008

nothing new to you

So, a big shout out to Ryan for hitting 50 with his main toon. OOooOOooOOo. When an altoholic hits such accomplishments it needs to be let known. lol, Ryan in 5 levels you can get yourself a DK, aren't you so excited???

Anyway, I'm pretty boring lately. While everybody is now talking about 80 level content I'm still level 73, no big deal. I'm not actually very upset. All you people are obcessed, lol. I've been trying to level my professions for my DK to make gold! So, I spent the morning running around killing raptors for leather and got my skinning skills up to 204 I think. Wow, this is so boring, lol.


applebiscuit said...

have u seen the patch notes for the next patch? U can make dk on different servers as long as u have 1 lvl 55, doesn't matter what server it is! And they are taking racial restrictions on mounts. I'm gonna get one of those gnome robot mounts

Ryan said...

Speaking of Altaholicism, I started a new toon 2 days ago. I'm using her as my Taloring/Enchanting alt (She's already lvl 15.) And I am already up to lvl 53 on my main since you posted this. :) I may be a little obcessed myself especilly because tomorrow is my last day to play this year.

Bob said...

@applebiscuit Thats cool that the next patch will let you make DKs on other servers. Now the mount thing, problem is that you still have to get your rep up.

@Ryan you altholic leveling your evil priest. At least you are on the right server now. Deathwing Rocks!!!!