Saturday, December 20, 2008

Aspect of a Viper Mod!

Its about time! Us hunters who forget to look up to see what aspect we are in finally have a mod to save us!!

Have you been in a raid/instance, run out of mana? You switch to aspect of a viper to get your mana back only to find 30 minutes later YOUR STILL IN ASPECT of a VIPER???!!!! Oh @#$@!, maybe you haven't done that before but I have, felt really stupid. /facepalm.

Now we have an answer: ViperWatch! It keeps an eye on your mana and when your mana gets to a predetermined level it reminds you to switch and when your mana is back up it kindly reminds you to switch back to aspect of a dragonhawk (or if you are a slow leveler like myself - aspect of a hawk). No more embarrasing moments. As long as you keep growl of your pet and don't ramdomly have him pull new mobs to your group.

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