Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break

So, its been spring break so I've had the whole week off. Time to catch up wow, right? Those of you who are married and have children are shaking your head. Nope, actually I've played less WoW this week than I would during a normal work week. Why? Well, I'm sleeping in so I'm not playing a whole lot before the kids wake up (I normally play a little bit in the morning before I go to work), we recently hit level 80 and now my brother wants us to raid/run heroics with him nonstop. Kydra isn't too much into that, would rather just play with her husband (me), and we got reintroduced to how fun our wii is to play. Oh, and I've been reading a book to my wife when we have some free time (I'm reading her New Moon - and no I'm not a big fan, their okay books not amazing books, that's all that I'll say about that).

So, I'm kind of in a WoW low right now. I decided to roll characters with my wife on a different server (Feathermoon - Alliance), so that we can play without my guild knowing. That way we can play just ourselves. Any suggestions for our class combination?

So, what do you do when you have a vacation from work/school? Do you play more or less WoW? Why?


Shawndra said...

I have been playing more often, but only because my husband has been otherwise occupied these past two weeks. I have been sick, so I haven't really felt like doing much else.

Go out and enjoy the spring sunshine! I'll probably be better by the last day of my break, Easter Sunday :)

Bob said...

@shawndra our problem is that our kids have been sick, so we've been in-doors most of the time. /sigh

Kimberly said...

We did very well duoing with a Paladin/Warlock & Paladin/Rogue combo.

My holy paladin could heal, buff & tank through the quests while he dished out the mad DPS.

I'm looking forward to my week off next week. :)

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