Friday, April 10, 2009

New Domain, New location

Alright, I finally did. I actually moved to WordPress and got a domain name for my blog. Can you believe it? I'm finally growing up. So, this is the last post I'll be putting here on Blogger. I've moved everything over to the new blog with a new name: I have been wanting to change the name of the blog for a long time now. I mean really "Bob's Casual WoW Hunter Blog", could I make this any longer?? Maybe I should have named the blog, "The Ramblings and Exploits of Bob's Casual Part-Time WoW Gaming Hunter Blog". Now that would have been good. Dang it, I should have bought that domain name, that might hvae been a little cumbersome to type on a regular basis, but it would have stood out. Naw, I like "Casual Huntering" more. Especially since Huntering isn't a real word. Does being a speech language pathologist give me the write to make up new words? Hmmmm.

Anyway, come check me out at Casual Huntering, because that's where I'll be hanging out for now on.

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