Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First time in Naxx

Okay, I have finally went on Naxx for my first time, now that everybody and their dog has already played it too death from what I hear. We did Naxx 10, but we only got through 3 wings of it. We could have done the whole thing, but my little brother was having internet issues and he was kind of our key healer.

So, most everybody in the run were kind of over geared for it. Which is nice so someone like me who was very under geared for it could still play. I was a little afraid when I saw 2 other hunters there, but I was told not to worry because they didn't really need anything here anyways. Well, I got like 5 pieces of gear, no joke. Lots of mail stuff kept dropping (a lot of shammy healer stuff too). So, I finally replaced my bow from kara(Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix), replacing it with the Accursed Bow of the Elite. Its about time I replaced that old thing. I probably should go get my hands on a gun (as any good dwarf should do, but hey, I'm kind of use to the bow thing, kind of feel like an elf). I also replaced my melee weapon, my belt, my something or other, hmm, I don't know but, I'm doing much better off now.

Wow, its been so long since I have ran an raid. I'm sure I looked like a noob. For one I still had my gorilla (haven't leveled any other pets up yet). I still had my lvl 70 goggles on (I have better, but I like the emote finder capabilities), I had some pretty crappy gear, but if they didn't care then I didn't. At least I didn't cause us to wipe at all (which I did once or twice in Kara).

Anywho, I don't know how much raiding I'll actually do. It takes a lot of time that I don't have so I'll keep it to a minimal. I do love raiding with a bunch of friends jokeing about this or that. I don't like it when people take it too seriously. My favorite raid moments were when we were goofing off and just having a good time, not necessarily downing a particularly hard boss.


Chris Hughes said...

gratz there Bob. I know the feeling of thinking you look like a noob after you haven't raided for a long time.

With regards to a pet, go grab a lvl 80 worg from the worg cave in Storm Peaks to save time on leveling another pet.

Look forward to more stories from your casual exploits

Bob said...

@chris Thanks, I'll have to look into the whole worg pet thing. I might start my attempts to tame the elusive spirit beast as well, but that might be a little more difficult.